Petroff Palace

Petroff Palace - Petrovskiy Putevoy Dvorets is not just a historical building in the centre of modern Moscow. It is an architectural pearl of the city, one of the most triumphant and beautiful architectural monuments, which, undoubtedly, may be brought into line with the Moscow Kremlin, the Petersburg Winter Palace, royal castles of France, Great Britain, Italy and Austria. Besides, the Petroff Palace is a witness and participant of many historical events, its every stone has a memory never to be blotted out concerning amazing persons who once stopped over or lived here.

The palace was built in XVIII century. It has been a magnificent residence of the Russian Emperors, General Headquarters, museum and an educational institution foretime. Today, after the restoration with its historical look, the palace got its original intended function again. Now, at your fingertips there is a unique architectural complex in the centre of Moscow, intended for running top ranking events of various formats.